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Since their arrival on the PC market, tablets have been a highly sought after commodity. The evolution of the home computer market in general has been a sight to see for no other reason than once computers became something consumers sought, the market evolved quickly. In thirty years time, the home computer went from being a clunky machine that took a good portion of the home office, to tablets that are of varying size and shape and that can be carried in our briefcases. Tablets have even managed to evolve quite a bit from when they were first brought onto the market.


The first tablets were Apple iPads and they set the tone for everything that came after them. Google, seemingly always competing with Apple didn't wait too long to launch their own versions of the tablet computer and while they have trailed in popularity, the Android OS tablets are finally starting to catch on. The availability of these tablets has certainly helped with the popularity. Originally these devices were only found in specialty stores and the big chains, such as Best Buy, Radio Shack and the like. Now websites such as have gotten their hands on a marketshare simply because the demand has made the devices produced at a faster pace. and online stores of that sort are actually starting to look like the best place to get your hands on tablets because they are often able to offer a deep discount. Stores like Target and Best Buy usually have contracts to various carriers that come attached to the tablets, but many online retailers don't have the same constraints. The prices and availability of tablets depends quite a bit on what companies are attached. The Amazon Kindle Fire is the newest competitor on the market and might be the first one that can really take it to Apple. The Kindle Fire has actually been billed as the iPad killer since it was released but for now, the iPad is still the king of the tablets hill. While people have long been claiming the iPad's popularity will drop off, it has remained incredibly strong over the years.


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