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Android Tablet

Tablets come in many different sizes and with many different operating systems. The most common and diverse being the Android Tablet. Android is a Linux-based operating system, meaning that it is open sourced,allowing developers to continually improve the Android operating system. With the operating system being improved at such a rapid rate there are many different versions of Android to choose from. Each version from the original cupcake all the way to today's ice cream sandwich is named after a dessert. Practically all of the android tablets sold today are either using the gingerbread, honeycomb or ice cream sandwich operating system.


Nearly every major technology company creates their own version and virtually all of them can be found at From the critically acclaimed Asus Transformer to the fresh new Amazon Fire, there is an Android Tablet for everyone. Never have tablets been so user-friendly. A person of virtually any age can pick up an Android Tablet and begin using it with barely any instruction.


These tablets can be used for a variety of tasks and entertainment. With Google Play a person can choose from literally hundreds of thousands of apps. Android apps can be anything from a fun game, weather or international news. Many games on the Google Play market are social games that help keep people in touch with one another with some fun competition. One can even rent movies through the Google Play market to watch at their convenience, road trips will never be the same again. When owning an Android tablet there is no longer any need for an e-reader, any book imaginable can be downloaded in seconds with Google Play and easily enjoyed on the bright vibrant screen of the tablet.


Tablets typically range anywhere from 7" to 11" in size. Choosing the size generally is a personal preference. Some people enjoy the smaller size and longer battery life of the 7" screen Android Tablet. While some people love playing games and watching movies on the larger screened tablets. Whatever a user's preference, they are sure to find what they are looking for at


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